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Track 6: Databases and Information Systems


Track 6: Databases and Information Systems


Topics of interest include, but are not limited to:

Database Topics

Ontologies and data semantics
Conceptual data modeling
Business intelligence & analytics
Data visualization & exploration
Data mining and knowledge discovery from databases
Data science applications
Knowledge graphs, semantic web and linked data
Digital libraries and applications
Document management and classification
Query languages and processing
Heterogeneous, mobile and sensor databases
Information integration and interoperability
Information retrieval in multidimensional and temporal databases
Nosql databases
Big data management
Data management in clouds
Data on the web
Peer to peer, parallel and distributed databases
Parallel and distributed data management
Performance evaluation and benchmark
Scientific and statistical databases
Self-managed and autonomic databases
Semi-structured data
Multimedia databases
Spatial databases and geographical information systems
Stream processing
Workflow applications and databases
Data annotation and provenance
Access methods, indexing and new hardware devices
Active databases
Authorization, privacy and security in databases
Collecting, extracting and indexing web data
Concurrency control and recovery in databases

Information Systems Topics

Digital innovation
Enterprise architecture
Information architecture
Systems of information systems
Business process management
Knowledge-intensive processes
Knowledge and organizational management
Intelligent information systems
Decision support systems
Social media in business and society
Operational research and decision models in business
Methodologies and approaches for IS engineering
Service-oriented architecture and web services
Mobile, ubiquitous computing and internet of things in IS
Socio-technical view of information systems
Human and social aspects in IS
Human-computer interaction in IS
Management of people in IS
Business and IT governance
Strategic planning of systems and IT
Preservation of information and digital memory
Information systems quality
Information systems security and privacy